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League President
Albert Kelly (Mayor, Bridgeton City)

With economic constraints forcing local government to do less with less, consider using this period to focus creative energy on perfecting those core services we are still able to offer.

As constituents are forced to accept local government offering less or scaled back service delivery, perhaps we can at least make those scaled back services a good experience for our neighbors.  It could come in the way of greater courtesy, creating a more user friendly process, greater emphasis on mitigating public works related disruptions, or higher quality responses to inquiries.

We have an opportunity to concentrate on, and perfect our core services which can ease residents’ current stress and offer everyone a new benchmark of quality government going forward. 

And take a moment to share your ideas and improvements with other municipalities across the state by authoring an article in New Jersey Municipalities Magazine.  We can accelerate our learning and improvement when we network and share new techniques and information.

Now is a great time to perfect our core services and the League is a great resource to help us do it.



Published 6/30/17

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