2020 NJ State Budget

One year into his first term as New Jersey's Governor, Phil Murphy has presented his second Budget for the Garden State, tagged by his office as #MiddleClassBlueprint.

Budget In Brief

In his opening to the address, Gov. Murphy noted:

Our license plates say, 'New Jersey, the Garden State.' But even more than that, New Jersey is the middle-class state. We are all in this together. And, coming together is how we succeed.

So, today I am presenting a budget that is a blueprint for how we continue to build a more secure and inclusive middle class in New Jersey.

This budget is how we make real the promise of a stronger and fairer state that works for every family. And, it builds on the progress we have already made.

Together, we are paving the way for countless families–like the family I grew up in–who want nothing more than to move into the middle class, and we are smoothing the path for those already there.

The League staff will provide analyses from a municipal perspective and ongoing information during the review and approval process.