Exhibitor Video Chat Instructions

Each exhibitor booth is set up with the opportunity to have three (3) live video chats to meet one-on-one with delegates. This document will provide the set-up details, best practices, and FAQ for the chats. 

How to setup:

When you log into the exhibitor booth portal, you will see a task labeled “Video Chat Booth Staff”. This is where you will add your staff.


Click on the task. The staff listed under the “Assigned” heading are the ones that will appear in your booth for the video chat. Everyone listed under “Available” will not show but can be easily swapped to the top. If you plan to swap staff throughout the conference, you should add all of your staff in this task now so you can easily switch them. 

If you need to add staff, click “Add Booth Staff” in the top left hand corner. You will need to complete all of the required fields in the profile in order for a staff member to be active and assigned. All of the check marks must be green. If not, please go back into their profile and check the details for each tab 


Best practices for chat availability hours: 

Each staff member will be able to list their availability in their profile under the “Core Data” tab.

It is recommended to list the specific hours that staff are available to be on the video chat. When an attendee enters, they will automatically be on the video and the staff member should be ready.

This box is a text box so you may also want to add after the hours: 

“Also available by appointment.” 

“Please send a message through the “Request Information” button to make an appointment outside of my available hours.”



How to swap video chat staff:

Please make sure all of your staff have complete profiles and are listed in the “Available” category before the conference begins. This will make swapping easier during the conference.

To move an assigned staff to available: left click on their name and click “remove”, this will not remove their profile, it will only remove them from the assigned category.