Digital Advertising

The League accepts reservations for a limited number of advertisements on this website.


NJLM’s website averages over 2.3 million page views each year, and on average, 55,528 page visits per month, offering your ad high visibility. The average user spends approximately 3.5 minutes on the League website (Based on 2018-2019 web statistics). The website is a critical resource for local government officials and employees who rely on NJLM daily for information, including job listings, resource centers, and up-to-the-minute news events.

Advertiser Testimonial

"The Canning Group has experienced exponential growth in the State of New Jersey and currently enjoys operations and visibility throughout the State. A huge part of our success has been the benefit and exposure we have received from advertising on the New Jersey State League of Municipalities website. The ease of use for customers to access our website as well as the prominent display of advertisement have been a driving force behind our success” 

Sean P. Canning & Frank Bastone, The Canning Group LLC, Website Advertiser