Affordable Housing

In 1975, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that each municipality has a constitutional obligation to provide a realistic opportunity for the construction of their fair share of affordable housing. Over the years, the oversight of this process has taken several turns. Today, municipalities must go through a costly court process in order to be protected from further costly litigation known as builder’s remedy suits.

Next Round - 2025

New Jersey is approaching the 4th round of affordable housing obligations in 2025. The outcome of this new round of numbers will have a major impact on the planning, zoning, environmental, and budgetary decisions of municipalities for years to come.

At this time, there seems to be no meaningful discussion amongst lawmakers to either reconstitute the administrative agency known as COAH, have the agency perform it’s statutorily mandated rulemaking functions or have any comprehensive legislation to address the issue.

Without action in Trenton, municipalities across the state are facing the expiration of their court approved plans and will undoubtedly find themselves in further protracted legal battles.   

Take action

Local officials should contact their representatives in Trenton, urging them to act. The uncertainty that surrounds the next round of municipal obligations set for 2025 will only lead to additional and costly litigation.

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