Annual Conference Resolutions

League Policy & Procedures on Conference Resolutions

  1. The Committee will consider resolutions only from officials who are currently in municipal office. Resolutions must be general in nature and of demonstrable relation to municipal government interests.
  2. A summary of the proposed resolution is to be sent to the League for review via fax, email, or regular mail by the first Friday in October (October 7, 2022).   
  3. The full text of all resolutions submitted by member officials must be received in the League office by the third Friday in October (October 21, 2022). Every resolution must have a sponsor and co-sponsor. The sponsor or co-sponsor of the resolution must attend the meeting of the Resolutions Committee during the Conference week to speak on his or her proposal and to answer any questions of the committee members. The name and address of the sponsor and/or co-sponsor must appear on all resolutions.
    If a resolution is recommended as part of the Resolutions Committee Report at the Annual Business Meeting, the sponsor or co-sponsor must also be present to answer questions raised by the delegates.
  4. The Resolutions Committee does not draft resolutions, but they can amend resolutions presented to them.
  5. Delegates may request copies of all the resolutions as received in the League office for the Resolutions Committee. 
  6. Any resolution which contains a reference to the Revised Statutes or to any other material, must have attached to it a copy of the material referred to.
  7. The only resolutions to be considered at the Annual Business Meeting will be those which have been considered, endorsed, and presented by the Resolutions Committee to delegates.