Badge Substitution/Transfer & Event Policies


If a registrant is unable to attend, the registrant may give their badge (original badge) to another (substitute registrant). The new registrant/substitute must hand in the original badge onsite to get a badge printed in their name. 

Badge substitutions/transfers are not allowed if the new registrant/substitute is already registered. 

Badge sharing is not allowed. 

Spouse’s badges cannot be substituted or transferred.

For Exhibitors, badge transfers are processed in front of Hall B.

Please note a badge substitute/transfer will cause the non-attendee name to be canceled. No CEU’s will attach to this non-attendee. Therefore, do not give a badge to another person for the purposes of a substitution/transfer after the badge has been scanned at a session.  


If the League cancels the conference or a League ticketed event, badge registration fees and or League ticketed event fees will be refunded in full. 

Modification of events will not be cause for refunds.