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November 22, 2017

Trenton, NJ - On Thursday, November 16, in Atlantic City 13 resolutions articulating the new legislative and policy priorities for the League of Municipalities were adopted at the Annual Business meeting held during the League’s 102nd Annual Conference.

These resolutions were proposed by officials who are currently in municipal office and are general in nature with demonstrable relation to municipal government interests. Previously, on Tuesday, November 14, the League Resolutions Committee screened these resolutions. The Committee was chaired by the newly elected League President James Cassella, Mayor of East Rutherford.

In the year to come, these resolutions will be key priorities for the League, and NJLM staff will be working with the sponsors of the resolutions to line up legislative sponsors, as well as taking other steps to see the implementation of these resolutions.

A title summary for each resolution is below.

Index of Approved Resolutions

Number 2017-01
Resolution Urging the State Legislature to Extend the 2% Cap on Police and Fire Arbitration Contract Awards

Number 2017-02
Resolution Urging Congress to Protect the Deductibility of State and Local Taxes

Number 2017-03
Resolution Calling for Legislation to Increase Criminal Penalties for Adult Street Gang Members Who Solicit or Recruit Minors to Actively Participate in a Criminal Street Gangs

Number 2017-04
Resolution Calling for the Restoration of Energy Taxes to Municipalities

Number 2017-05
Resolution Supporting the Federal Tax Exemption on Municipal Bonds

Number 2017-06
Opposes Preemption of Municipal Authority Over Zoning, Permitting, and Rights-of-Way Regulations for the Purposes of Broadband Deployment

Number 2017-07
Urging the Governor and State Legislature to Adopt Comprehensive Reforms to the Fair Housing Act

Number 2017-08
Resolution Calling for Parity in the Thresholds of the Local Public Contracts Law and Pay-to-Play Law

Number 2017-10
Calling on the Legislature to Permit Online News Platforms to Qualify As Legal Newspapers for the Purpose of Municipalities Publishing Legal Notices

Number 2017-12
Resolution Calling for Tort Reform in Claims Against New Jersey Municipalities

Number 2017-13
Resolution Requesting an Examination and Consideration of Alternate Methods for the Funding of Public School

Number 2017-15
Resolution Urging Legislature to Amend NJ.SA. 40A:14-178 to Provide for Reimbursement to Municipalities for Police Recruit Training

Number 2017-16
In Appreciation of League President Albert Kelly, Mayor of the City of Bridgeton

All the Resolutions can be viewed in full (PDF).

Contact: Email Michael Cerra or call 609-695-43481, ext. 120.