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June 13, 2016
Trenton, NJ


Officers and Members of the League of Municipalities- like Past Presidents Tim McDonough (Mayor of Hope) and Brian Wahler (Mayor of Piscataway) and Mayor Robert Jackson of Montclair - have repeatedly called for adequate and reliable funding to address local and State transportation infrastructure needs.

Today in Trenton, Senators Paul Sarlo and Steve Oroho, joined by Senate President Steve Sweeney, Senators Joe Kyrillos and Loretta Weinberg and Assemblyman Lou Greenwald, presented a plan that answers those calls.

Municipal representatives - like Mayor Liz Lempert of Princeton and Cathleen Lewis of Lawrence (Mercer) - have testified to the need for increased, adequate and reliable funding to meet local transportation requirements.

Today in Trenton, key legislative leaders agreed, as they described a detailed, bipartisan proposal that would double the resources provided to municipalities and counties through the Local Aid component of the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF).

Time and time again, League President Joe Tempesta, in statements echoed by number of other League members, has reminded State officials that local property taxpayers would be forced to bear the full burden, absent dramatic action on the TTF, before July 1 of this year.

Today’s announcement, along with assurances given by Speaker Prieto that a substantially similar proposal was being readied for introduction in the General Assembly, gives hope for timely action on a plan to save the TTF and our property taxpayers.

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that 66 % of New Jersey’s roads are in poor or mediocre condition. The State Department of Transportation reports that New Jersey's municipalities are responsible for 64% of our roads. County governments are responsible for another 22%. Together, local governments are responsible for 39% of our bridges. Local roadways and bridges carry about 55% of all traffic. Despite those numbers, over the past 20 years, Local Aid has averaged only 15% of total funding, per year.

Given the extent of the local infrastructure, and given the need for strong and steady investment in that infrastructure, and given the fact that without a renewed and reinvigorated TTF local property taxpayers will need to cover all costs, we salute Senators Sarlo, Oroho, Sweeney, Kyrillos and Weinberg and Speaker Prieto and Assemblyman Greenwald.

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For further information contact: Michael Cerra., Assistant Executive Director at 609-695-3481, extension 120.