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August 8, 2016
Trenton, NJ

League Statement on Status of Transportation Trust Fund

The New Jersey State League of Municipalities offers the following comments regarding the Transportation Trust Fund.

The Hon. Joseph C. Tempesta, Mayor of West Caldwell and President of the League stated,

“Keeping your priorities in order is a key component of effective leadership. Thus, we commend the Legislative Leadership and the Administration for continuing to make the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) crisis their top priority. We are particularly appreciative of the Senate President’s leadership on the TTF. For more than two years, the Senate President and the Speaker have strongly advocated for adequate investment in our transportation systems, a restoration of local transportation funding and for fairness for property taxpayers.”

With the TTF running on fumes, and with work stopped via Executive Order, State policy makers face three alternatives. They can leave the next Governor and Legislature with the problem of funding needed maintenance and improvement of our transportation systems. They can borrow to meet the needs, leaving increased debt to our children and grandchildren. Or they can get together and adopt a plan that will reinvigorate the TTF, allowing New Jersey to continue to do the work that needs to be done, in order protect the interests of our residents and to attract economic development.

The Honorable Timothy McDonough, Mayor of Hope Township, Past President of the League and Co-Chair of the League’s TTF Committee stated,

“The TTF is the top priority for New Jersey drivers, for New Jersey businesses and for New Jersey’s future. We know that the Senate President, the Speaker and Administration are committed to a bi-partisan solution to provide long-term, adequate, reliable funding for essential work on our vital transportation infrastructure. Further we have worked closely with Legislative Leaders and other stakeholders to assure a full restoration of funding for Local Aid, in recognition of the fact that local roads and bridges bear more than half of all traffic in our Garden State. This will provide a measure of relief to our over-burdened property taxpayers.”

Mayor Tempesta concluded,

“Obviously, all parties would have preferred a solution be reached by now. But with the Administration and Legislative Leaders all committed to a long-term solution, now is not the time to forget our top priorities. The reauthorization of the Transportation Trust Fund is the most important issue faced by lawmakers and we thank Senate President Sweeney for refusing to jeopardize chances for a compromise. We remain committed to helping in any way we can.”

For further information contact: Michael Cerra., Assistant Executive Director at 609-695-3481, extension 120.

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