Participate: Help Shape Legislation

Several avenues exist to help shape and create legislative priorities, and guide the future goals of our association. 

Participate in League Calls to Action

Help us help you! From time to time, the League will send out a Call to Action or an Urgent Alert. By participating in our suggested activities, you can help our organization to reach better outcomes on issues effecting our local membership. After all, the League was founded on the ideal that having a collective voice and working together makes for a stronger and more persuasive argument for the good of our municipalities.

Annual Conference Resolutions

Is there a topic that you think the League should be considering because it will improve local government, or it addresses an issue effecting local governance? Every year the League invites local officials to submit resolutions. Resolutions are reviewed by League staff, and when selected, presented at the Resolutions Committee meeting during the Annual League Conference for review by the committee.

Resolutions Committee Meeting

The Resolutions Committee meeting is held every year during the Annual League Conference. Attend the meeting to listen to proceedings and hear what issues elected officials from around the state feel are important to local governance. Conference registration is required to attend.

League Annual Business Meeting

Attend the League Annual Business Meeting to hear association news. The Business Meeting is open to all delegates (Conference registration required), however, only the Mayor or his/her designated representative may cast a vote on issues under consideration.