Management Workshop Series

Over the past decade and accelerated by post-pandemic retirements, vacancies have substantially increased for key positions such as Business Administrators and Managers. As a result, many dedicated individuals have stepped into these key municipal positions; a tremendous task of navigating the varying laws, regulations, and procedures particular to New Jersey, without formal training.

What are the Management Workshop Series?

The League is partnering with a long-time professional manager, Matt Watkins, founder of NJ Community Solutions, LLC, and NJLM Labor Consultant to provide practical municipal management instruction. 

These Practical Management Workshops are a big step forward in the educational support of municipal officials throughout the State. They will provide small group instruction and hands-on learning to educate those working in key local government positions.

Who Should be Attending

Those in management positions throughout the municipality, as well as those looking to expand their knowledge about key administrative functions within a municipality.

Program Details

The program is designed for flexibility and affordability of instruction, providing options to select single workshops, choose a particular series based on an area of concentration, or the full 5-part series. Those who finish the full 5-part series will be awarded a certificate at completion. 

Standard morning workshops include a continental breakfast, and standard afternoon workshops include a light snack. 

Class Length & Availability

Classes are held in 3 hour increments. 

Each series will be offered throughout the course of the year to accommodate those in northern, central, and southern New Jersey as demand dictates. 

Special Municipal Pricing

Municipalities may take advantage of bulk pricing by purchasing a workshop series and splitting the courses between multiple staff members; this provides a discount over purchasing classes a la carte.

Municipalities also receive a 25% discount when 3 or more people from their municipality are attending the same workshop.

Custom Sessions

Custom sessions are available, as the workshops would be brought directly to your municipality, and each workshop can accommodate up to 25 of your staff. Municipalities choosing this option can choose to intermix workshops from different series, rather than sticking to only one topic area for a day of training.

Course Schedule

Part 1 - General Management Series

January 23 - February 7, 2024
Part 1 Agenda and Course Descriptions (PDF)
Part 1 Registration Form (PDF)

Part 2 - Labor Management Series

March 19 - April 3, 2024
Part 2 Agenda and Course Descriptions (PDF)
Part 2 Registration Form (PDF)

Part 3-Coming soon!

Series are laid out as follows below:

General Management Series

  1. Financial and Personnel Management
  2. Public Works and Public Safety Management
  3. Organizational Management (other departments), 
     Supervision, and Labor Management
  4. Council and Community Relations
  5. Insurance, Understanding the Audit. Ethics

Labor Management Series

  1. Contract Construction
  2. Negotiations
  3. Health Insurance Programs
  4. Arbitration and Grievance Arbitration
  5. Disciplinary Action

Human Relations Series

  1. Health & Disability Management and Personnel Records
  2. Payroll Management
  3. FLSA and Paid Leave Management
  4. Labor Contract Management
  5. Conducting Hearings

Council Relations Series

  1. Communications
  2. Managing a Split Council
  3. Agenda Prep
  4. Community Relations
  5. Setting Expectations

Financial Management Series

  1. Developing a budget
  2. Reporting: State Documents
  3. Understanding the AFS
  4. Capital Planning 1 year, 3 years, & 6 years
  5. Grant Management

Course Rates

Standard Courses
In-person on location
(prices are per registrant)
Custom Courses
In-person at your municipality
(price includes up to 25 people in
a course)
Per Class
Per Day
(2 courses held consecutively on
the same day)
Per Series (5 courses total)
Entire Series (all 5 series, 25
courses in total)

Standard Courses

  • Morning courses include a continental breakfast.
  • Afternoon courses include light snacks.
  • 25% discount for municipalities reserving a seat for 3 or more people attending the same workshop.
  • Municipalities can purchase a standard series or the entire standard series and divvy the workshops up between different people from within their municipality - offering a per workshop cost savings.

Custom Courses

  • Classes will be held at your municipal facilities. 
  • Flexibility in choosing your 2 courses at the per day rate.
  • The hosting municipality will provide adequate the space and AV equipment needed to accommodate each workshop. 
  • Up to 25 people per workshop.
  • No food or drink is provided by NJLM.