Interest Arbitration

2017 Report of the Governor's Appointees to the Police & Fire Public Interest Arbitration Impact Task Force

On September 28, the 2017 the Governor's appointees to the Police and Fire Public Interest Arbitration Impact Task Force released a report, following the Task Force's September 25 meeting, where the eight-member committee was deadlocked on adopting the report and delivering it to the Governor and Legislature. Read the full report or view the League's analysis.

Arbitration Process

Listing of Arbitration Awards issued by Arbitrator: 1992 to 2008 (PDF)

Sample Resolutions Urging the Extension of the 2% Cap

The League is urging municipalities to pass a resolution urging the State Legislature and Governor to extend the 2% cap on Police and Fire Arbitration Contract Awards for an additional five years, at which time the Legislature will have hard data to examine and then make a final decision as to whether this law should be made permanent.

If the cap on interest arbitration expires, while the 2% property tax levy cap remains in effect, municipalities will be forced to reduce or eliminate municipal services in order to fund interest arbitration awards.

A resolution that may be used to urge that State Legislature to extend the 2% cap on Police and Fire Arbitration Awards.

League Publications

Selected Police and Fire Contract Provisions and Salary Scales: A series of books related to contract data. The data was collected by surveying municipalities throughout the State, and responses are available in PDF and Excel files. (These booklets do not include the salaries of Superior Officers. For Superior Officers' salaries, please reference our New Jersey Municipal Salary Report (PDF) published bi-annually.)

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