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Over 20 titles are currently available. Topics include a history of municipal government, the Open Public Records Act, the Faulkner Act, police and fire contract data, licensing fees and more! View the full list below or click here to view the full list (PDF)

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Publication Listing

Title Description
Municipal Directory Desktop reference guide containing contact information for NJ’s 564 municipalities. ** Print and PDF versions available in March.
Legislative Bulletin Bills signed into law affecting municipalities (yearly subscription).
Newly Elected Officials Handbook Primer for Local Elected Officials – Instructional materials for elected officials.
Salary Survey Salaries for selected municipal positions, elected officials and superior police officers. View a full listing of positions included.
Local Public Contracts Law Series 1: Public Bidding The basics of public bidding (2014).
Local Public Contracts Law Series 2 - Primer on Competitive Contracting Information about the competitive contracting process for municipal officials, including evaluation forms, sample resolutions, and procedural insights. (2017)
Police & Fire Labor Data Service A series of books tracking trends in police and fire contract settlements. Available in electronic format as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and PDF. Visit the Police and Fire Labor Data Service for more information and specifics of what is included in this publication.
An Electrical Energy Policy Primer How the electricity market operates. (2014)
Brownfield Properties Examines factors that contributed to Brownfield phenomena with federal/state legislation. (2nd Ed.)
Building Economic Development at the Local Level Sustain & build an economic base, while forming an economic development plan (8th Ed.)
Faulkner Act - NJ Optional Charter Law Detailing New Jersey's Optional Municipal Charter Law (2012 Ed.)
NJ 5 Traditional Forms of Government Towns, Villages, Boroughs and Cities 
Open Public Records Act OPRA Quick guide to the Right to Know Law.
Open Public Meetings Act OPMA Guide to the Open Public Meetings Act.
Protecting Your Town’s Environment An overview of key environmental issues facing New Jersey’s municipalities; from brownfields redevelopment, to stormwater and interstate pipelines.

License Fee Series
Volume 1

Mercantile, Peddler, Solicitor, Canvasser & Itinerant Vendor Fee; Vending Machine/Taxi and Limousine Fees (2016)
License Fee Series
Volume 2
Alarm Fees and False Alarm Penalties (2016)
License Fee Series
Volume 3
Dog & Cat Licensing Fees; Liquor License Fees; Garage Sale, Flea Market and Auction Fees (2016)
License Fee Series
Volume 4
Municipal Parking Fees & Rec. Fees (2018)
License Fee Series
Volume 5
License Fees for Planning Board of Adjustment, Zoning, Historic Preservation & Construction/Building (2015). This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of data.
A History of Municipal Government NJ’s municipal story and new statutory provisions.