Message From the League President

Mayor William Pikolycky (Borough of Woodbine)

We have  learned many lessons during our tenures in local government. And it’s critical that we can use every tool at hand to keep on learning and building a better tomorrow. One resource, the League website, is an excellent starting point for all your municipal staff information needs.

On the Calendar of Events you can find seminars on multiple topics, including Ethics, OPRA, Energy Issues, and more.  

 For up-to-the-minute news, please sign up for topic-specific new flashes covering issues from Legislative Advocacy to Emergency Management.

We also have a Legislative Blog, The Town Crier, that features frequent updates on NJLM’s legislative activities.

On the publications page you can find the League’s award-winning magazine, NJ Municipalities, along with primers, surveys, directories, and white papers to build your municipal reference library.

There are municipal job postings and the Bureau of Municipal Information’s reference desk with useful links to other sites.

And, you can also follow the League on Twitter and Facebook. You can even view videos on our YouTube page.

 I encourage all local officials to access the resources of the League!