Message From the League President

Mayor Janice Kovach (Clinton Town)

As mayors, we have a serious responsibility to lead our communities, and indeed our state, during difficult times. Our constituents, citizens, and neighbors look to us as the headlines trumpet fear of foreclosure and the need for major restructuring of our public finances. And as mayors, we can count on the League to help us respond to these major public policy questions.

The League has many resources available with valuable information that is needed. Visit our website, where you can find links to important Issue Alerts, a full listing of League Committees, and grant application information. You can also order various publications on many different topics including the revised OPMA Primer, the Police and Fire Salary Survey, and a Newly Elected Officials Handbook. The Town Crier Blog and the NJ Municipalities Magazine bookshelf are frequently updated with timely takes on hot issues. 

Taking this information in is just the start. Adding your voice and action will make the difference on these issues. Please resolve to make your voice heard by your legislators. Send us your input and concerns so your staff in Trenton can keep them front and center in these discussions as we all lead our state to recovery and better days beyond.

 Finally, my best wishes for an excellent Local Government Week, April 18-24. Even in the most challenging times, local governments have a lot to celebrate and can be proud of the work we accomplish!