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  1. Division Issues Guidance on Cap Relief & Opioid Settlement

    The Division of Local Government Services issued Local Finance Notice 2023-04 announcing one-time exemptions to appropriation increases in excess of 3.5% for the CY2023/SFY2024 budget and guidance on usage and reporting Opioid Settlement Funds. Read on...
  2. Local Finance Board Approves 2023 Appropriations Cap Exceptions

    The Local Finance Board Meeting has unanimously approved exceptions to the appropriation cap, granting relief for the 2023 budget year which included a dramatic rise in insurance costs for many municipalities. Read on...
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Path to Progress Report

On August 9, 2018, the Legislative Economic and Fiscal Policy Workgroup issued the Path to Progress report (PDF). When created by Senate President Sweeney, the workgroup was charged with a “broad mission to identify ways to address soaring pension and benefit costs, hold down property taxes, make state and local government and school districts more efficient, assess the equity and efficiency of our state and local tax structure, leverage the value of state assets, and mitigate the negative impact of the federal tax law that targeted high-cost states.” The recommendations of the workgroup were divided into five categories: 

  • Pension and Benefit Reforms;
  • Education Reform at the Administrative Level;
  • County & Municipal Government Reform and Shared Services;
  • State and Local Government Tax Structure; and
  • Leveraging Assets to Stabilize the Pension System.

View the League's full statement on this report (PDF), published August 10, 2018.

The above Q& A answers were provided by Gregory Fehrenbach a Shared Services Consultant in NJ.

Reading, Tools & Tips

Art of the Possible

A publication discussing the challenges and benefits of sharing services between school boards and local governments. It also discusses the results of a study conducted, and makes recommendations for the implementation of shared services. Please note that although this publication was originally published in 1982, many of the issues discussed are still relevant today.View "The Art of the Possible: School Board/Municipal Government Cooperation" (PDF):

Furthering Intra & Interlocal Cooperation

Tips for furthering Intra & Interlocal Cooperation.

How to Perform a Shared/Consolidation Review

A step guide in performing a shared services feasibility study. This article was originally published in NJ Municipalities magazine. Volume 86, No. 5, May 2009.

The Relationship of the Cost of Local Government and Municipal Size in New Jersey

A white paper (PDF), published by the NJLMEF in December 2014.

Shared Services and Municipal Consolidation: Pursuing Careful Assumptions and Grounded Studies

A white paper on municipal consolidation (PDF), published by the NJLMEF.

Useful Links

Shared Services Resources Provided by the NJDCA

A listing of resources provided by the NJ Department of Community Affairs Local Government Services. Also on this page is a link to the cover sheet they provide for municipalities to submit their agreements to the NJDCA.

Shared Services in School Districts

Created by the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA), a webpage where school districts can share successful initiatives and learn about programs taking place in classrooms, school business offices and the community.

Annual Conference Presentations

Presentation: The Pros and Cons of Sharing Services

A copy of the PowerPoint presented during a 2013 NJLM Annual Conference session (PDF). The slides provide an overview on this topic, what is, and is not considered a shared service, common barriers, value and examples.