Conference - 101st Conference in 2016 - Handouts

  1. Accomplishing Big Things with a Small Grant Video

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Tracking System

  1. Access the Conference CEU Tracking System

Energy Tax Restoration Resource Center

  1. 2021 ETR Impact Calculation
  2. June 14, 2018 Mayor Cassella Lock Box Letter
  3. NJLM Executive Director Michael J. Darcy, CAE, discusses the impact of the state budget on municipalities on Comcast Newsmakers May 31, 2018
  4. Why Phil Murphy really wants to raise the sale tax, and why he froze state spending, June 7, 2018,
  5. Energizing Tax Relief
  6. Sample Resolution Supporting Direct Payment of Energy Taxes to Municipal Governments Available, December 18, 2012 (PDF)
  7. Contact Legislators Now to Protect Relief for Our Property Taxpayers, January 20, 2015
  8. Opinion: Energy taxes belong to New Jersey Towns, January 14, 2013
  9. New Jersey must stop swiping property tax relief from locals May 17, 2012
  10. Bernards Township Wants Its Money Back - Basking Ridge Patch, May 15, 2012
  11. Trenton hoards money that should provide property tax relief April 16, 2012
  12. Governor Vetoes Property Tax Relief Funding, June 29, 2012
  13. Towns Lose Out as Utility Taxes Once Again Diverted to Balance New Jersey Budget, June 18, 2012
  14. Mayors lament withheld energy tax receipts Asbury Park Press April 29, 2012
  15. Energy tax receipts / Pay what is owed, April 18, 2012
  16. Opinion: Hypocrisy from Trenton on property taxes, April 16, 2012
  17. Chuck Chiarello / New Jersey must stop skimming energy-tax funds from towns April 9, 2012
  18. Statement By Hon. Arthur R. Ondish, Concerning Proposed State Budget For Fiscal Year 2012-2013
  19. Statement By Hon. Arthur R. Ondish, Mayor, Mount Arlington Borough and President, New Jersey State League of Municipalities Presented to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee Concerning Proposed State Budget for Fiscal Year 2012-2013 March 12, 2012
  20. Local officials appeal to budget committee for restoration of energy tax revenue March 5, 2012
  21. Mayors to Christie: Time to give us our money back March 1, 2012
  22. East Windsor and Hamilton Mayors: Time for state to pay up February 16, 2012
  23. Energy Tax Talking Points
  24. Appropriating Energy Tax Receipts: The New Normal for New Jersey, A Friends of Local Government Policy Paper (PDF)
  25. Resolution Supporting Assembly Bill A-2753 Requiring Direct Payment of Energy Taxes (DOC)
  26. Resolution Supporting Assembly Bill A-2753 Requiring Direct Payment of Energy Taxes (PDF)

Federal Resources - U.S. Department of Education

  1. U.S. Department of Education
  2. U.S. Department of Education - Programs by Title

Federal Resources - U.S. Department of Energy

  1. U.S. Department of Energy
  2. Office of Science

Federal Resources - U.S. Department of Justice

  1. U.S. Department of Justice
  2. Office of Justice Programs (OJP)
  3. Business & Grants

Governor Murphy Executive Orders & COVID-19 Correspondence

  1. EO 102 Establishing Coronavirus Task Force
  2. EO 103 Declaration of a Public Health Emergency and a State of Emergency
  3. AO 2020-3 Mandatory Facility Closures
  4. EO 104 Aggressive Social Distancing Measures to Mitigate Further Spread of COVID-19
  5. EO 105 Changes to Upcoming New Jersey Elections in Response to COVID-19
  6. EO 106 Moratorium on Removals of Individuals Due to Evictions or Foreclosures
  7. EO 107 Governor Murphy directs all residents to stay at home until further notice
  8. AO 2020-4 Gatherings
  9. AO 2020-5 Essential Retail Businessnes Beaches and Boardwalks
  10. EO 108 Governor Murphy invalidates any county or municipal restriction that in any way will or might conflict with any of the provisions of Executive Order No. 107
  11. EO 109 Governor Murphy Suspends All Elective Surgeries, Invasive Procedures to Preserve Essential Equipment and Hospital Capacity
  12. Gov. Murphy Request for Federal Major Disaster Declaration
  13. EO 110 Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Requiring Child Care Centers Close on April 1 Unless Serving Children of Essential Workers
  14. EO 111 Gov. Murphy Signs EO Directing Health Care Facilities to Report Data, Including PPE Inventory and Bed Capacity Daily
  15. March 30, 2020 AO 2020-6 Essential Businesses
  16. EO 112 Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order to Remove Barriers to Health Care Professionals Joining New Jersey's COVID-19 Response & Provide Protections for Front Line Health Care Responders
  17. EO 113 Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Authorizing Commandeering of Property such as Medical Supplies
  18. AO 2020-7 Blood Drives
  19. AO 2020-8 Hotels, Motels, & Guest Homes
  20. EO 114 Gov. Murphy Directs U.S. & NJ Flags to Fly at Half-Staff Indefinitely in Honor of Those Who Have Lost Their Lives or Have Been Affected by COVID-19
  21. EO 115 to Strengthen COVID-19 Response Efforts by Allowing Certain Retirees to Return to Public Employment
  22. EO 116 Extending Statutory Deadlines for School Districts Whose Were Moved from April to May
  23. EO 117 Waiving Student Assessment Requirements for 2019-2020 School Year
  24. EO 118 Closing State and County Parks to Further Social Distance
  25. EO 119 Extending Public Health Emergency In New Jersey
  26. EO 120 Postponement of June 2nd Primary Elections until July 7th
  27. EO 121 Allower Greater Weight Limit for Vehicles Carrying COVID-19 Relief Supplies
  28. EO 122 Ceasing All Non-Essential Construction Projects & Imposing Additional Mitigation Requirements on Essential Retail Businesses & Industries to Limit the Spread of COVID-19
  29. EO 123 Extending Insurance Premium Grace Periods
  30. EO 124 To Establish a Process to Grant Temporary Repreive to Certain At-Risk Inmates
  31. EO 125 To Implement Additional Mitigation Requirements on NJ TRANSIT, Private Carriers, and Restaurants to Limit the Spread of COVID-19
  32. EO 126 Prohibiting Cable and Telecommunications Providers from Terminating Internet and Voice Service
  33. April 13, 2020 Governor's Multi-State Council to Get People Back to Work and Restart the Economy
  34. EO 127 Extending Certain Deadlines Associated with Rulemaking
  35. EO 128 Providing Critical Short-Term Support for Renters
  36. The Road Back: Restoring Economic Health Through Public Health
  37. "The Road Back: Restoring Economic Health Through Public Health" April 27, 2020 Remarks as Prepared for Delivery
  38. AO2020-10 Essential Retail Businesses
  39. EO 129 Extends Retired Officer Carry Permits by a period of 90 days until after the ongoing Public Health Emergency ends
  40. EO 130 Allowing Municipalities to Extend Grace Period for May 1st Property Tax Payments until June 1st
  41. EO 131 creating a commission charged with advising the administration on the timing and preparation for New Jersey’s recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown
  42. EO 132 Allowing Electronic Petition Submission and Signature Collection for Initiatives and Referenda
  43. EO 133 Reopening State Parks & Golf Courses
  44. EO 135 Suspending in-person requirements for receipt of marriage license & ceremonies, and for the receipt of worming papers for minors
  45. EO 136 Exending statutory deadlines for various environmental laws
  46. EO 137 To Recognize New Fiscal Realities Due to COVID-19 Pandemic
  47. EO 138 Extending Public Health Emergency in NJ
  48. AO 2020-11 Essential Construction
  49. EO 140 Gov. Murphy Names Restart and Recovery Advisory Council
  50. EO 141 Mandating that all local, county, and regional health departments use the CommCare platform to support their contact tracing efforts
  51. AO: 2020-12 Recreational and Entertainment Activities
  52. EO 142 Permitting Resumption of Non-Essention Construction, Curbside Pickup at Non-Essential Businesses, and Gatherings in Cars
  53. EO 143 Allowing Beaches, Boardwalks, Lakes, and Lakeshores to Remain Open with Social Distancing Measures in Place
  54. EO 144 Mailing Every Registered Voter a VBM Ballot or Application Ahead ofthe Primary Election
  55. EO 145 Allowing Elective Surgeries and Invasive Procedures to Resume on May 26
  56. EO 146 Reopening Charter Fishing and Watercraft Rental Business
  57. EO 147 Reopening certain outdoor recreational businesses and activities
  58. Administrative Order No. 2020-13 Essential Retail Businesses
  59. EO 148 Increasing Capacity Limit on Outdoor Gatherings
  60. EO 149 Allowing Resumption of Child Care Services, Youth Day Camps, and Organized Sports Over the Coming Weeks
  61. Administrative Order No. 2020-14 Horse Racing
  62. EO 150 Outdoor Dining Protocols and Precesses to Expand Premises for Liquor License HoldersEx
  63. EO 151 Extending Public Health Emergency in New Jersey
  64. EO 152 Lifting Limits on Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings
  65. EO 153 Opening Pools Effective June 22, and Opening Additional Outdoor Recreational Businesses
  66. NJ COVID-19 Youth Summer Camp Standards
  67. NJ COVID-19 Outdoor Pool Standards
  68. EO 154 Allowing Personal Care Service Facilities to Open Effective June 22
  69. AO 2020-15 Venues, Libraries, Schools, Real Estate Open Houses, Essential Retail Businesses, Car Washes, Yard Sales, Special Events, Private Tutoring
  70. Guidance for Sports Activities
  71. EO 155 Allowing for Limited In-Person Instruction at Institutions of Higher Education and Trade and Training Schools Beginning July 1
  72. EO 156 Increasing Indoor and Outdoor Gathering Capacity LImits
  73. EO 157 Establishing Rules for Indoor Dining, Indoor Recreational Facilities, and Individualized Instruction at Gyms and Fitness Centers
  74. EO 158 Temporarily Pausing the Resumption of Indoor Dining
  75. EO 159 Extending Certain Statutory Deadlines Across State Government
  76. EO 160 Directing U.S. and NJ Flags to Fly at Full Staff Starting July 3
  77. EO 161 Announcing Increased Outdoor Gathering Capacity Limit
  78. EO 162 Extending Public Health Emergency in New Jersey
  79. EO 163 Requiring Individuals to Wear Masks in Outdoor Public Spaces When They Cannot Social Distance
  80. EO 164 Postponing Annual Municipal and County Party Reorganization Meetings
  81. EO 165 Lifting 50% Capacity Limits on NJ Transit and Private-Carrier Vehicles
  82. AO 2020-17 Horse Racing
  83. EO 166 Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Creating Greater Oversight and Accountability for Federal COVID-19 Resources
  84. EO 168 Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Allowing the Resumption of Contact Practices and Competitions for Certain Organized Sports in Outdoor Settings
  85. EO 169 Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order which clarifies Executive Order No. 164 and states that the postponement of annual municipal and county party committee reorganization meetings is only applicable to municipal party committees and county party committees that held elections during the July primary elections.
  86. EO 170 Extending Certain Statutory Deadlines Across State Government
  87. EO 171 Extending the Public Health Emergency
  88. EO 172 Allowing Public Employees to Immediately Enroll in SHBP
  89. EO 173 Decreasing Indoor Gathering Capacity Limits
  90. EO 174 Gov. Murphy Declares State of Emergency in Response to Hurricane Isaias
  91. EO 175 Murphy Administration to Open New Jersey's Schools for In-Person Instruction Subject to Critical Health and Safety Protocols
  92. EO 176 Gov. Murphy Lifts State of Emergency Declared in Response to Hurricane Isaias
  93. EO 177 Gov. Murphy Signs Executive Order to Protect Public Health by Mailing Every Active Registered Voter a VBM Ballot Ahead of the General Election
  94. EO 178 Governor Murphy Signs Executive order Extending Certain Statutory Deadlines Across State Government Appendix to Executive Order No. 178
  95. EO 179 Gov. Murphy Sings Order for Modifications to VBM General Election
  96. EO 180 Gov. Murphy Signs EO Extending Public Health Emergency in NJ
  97. EO 181 Gov, Murphy Signs EO Allowing Gyms & Indoor Amusement and Water Parks to Reporten Effective Tuesday, Sept. 1
  98. EO 183 Allowing the Resumption of Indoor Dining Effective Friday, Sept. 4
  99. AI 2020-16 Malls, Sports, Libraries, Venues Coronavirus
  100. AO 2020-18 Computer Labs Coronavirus
  101. AO 2020-20 Horse Racing
  102. AO 2020-21 Health Clubs
  103. EO 186 Extending Public Health Emergency in New Jersey
  104. EO 187 Allowing the Resumption of Contact Practices and Competitions for Certain Organized Sports in Indoor Settings
  105. EO 189 Extending 2019 Corporate Business Tax Calendar Year Return Filing Deadline
  106. EO 190 Extending Utility Shutoff Moratorium Through March 15, 2021
  107. EO 191 extends the Public Health Emergency that was declared on March 9, 2020 through Executive Order No. 103, which was previously extended on April 7, May 6, June 4, July 2, August 1, August 27, and September 25
  108. EO 192 to o Protect New Jersey’s Workforce During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  109. EO 193 to Postpone Perth Amboy Runoff Election
  110. EO 194 New COVID-19 Mitigation Measures
  111. EO 195 Order Permitting Municipalities and Counties to Impose Additional Restrictions on the Hours of Operation of Non-Essential Businesses after 8:00 p.m.
  112. EO 196 Lowering Limits on Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings
  113. EO 197 Waiving Statutory Minimum Number of Live Race Dates for 2020 Calendar Year
  114. EO 198 Extending Certain Election-Related Deadlines
  115. EO 200 Extending Public Health Emergency in New Jersey
  116. EO 203 Postponing Special School Elections Scheduled for January 2021
  117. EO 204 Pausing Indoor Practices and Competitions for Youth and Adult Sports and Lowering Limits on Outdoor Gatherings
  118. EO 207 Regarding Enrolling Residents Who Choose to Receive a COVID-19 Vaccine in the New Jersey Immunization Information System

Grant Resource Center - Online Proposal Writing Assistance

  1. How to Write a Grant Proposal
  2. Courtesy of The Foundation Center
  3. Free Proposal Checklist

Grant Resource Center - Private Foundations & Universities

  1. 1772 Foundation: The preservation and restoration of historical entities.
  2. Alliance for Children & Families
  3. American Humane Association
  4. American Library Association: Listing of grants and fellowships relevant to libraries.
  5. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Grants awarded for global health, education and global libraries.
  6. The Blakemore Foundation: Encourages the study and understanding of Asian languages and Asian fine arts.
  7. Blue Moon Fund: Mission is to build human and natural resilience to a changing and warming world, using natural, social and financial capital to implement new models in high-biodiversity regions around the world.
  8. Braitmayer Foundation: Interested in Kindergarten through 12th grade education.
  9. Brookdale Foundation: Interested in furthering the fields of gerontology and geriatrics.
  10. Captain Planet: Hands-on environmental projects for children.
  11. Center for Health and Health Care in Schools
  12. The Dana Foundation: Principal interests are in brain science, immunology and arts education.
  13. Emergency Nurses Association: Provides funding for research advancing the specialized practice of emergency nursing.
  14. F.M. Kirby Foundation
  15. The Fund for New Jersey: This foundation provides for education, advocacy, public policy analysis and community problem solving.
  16. Fund for Wild Nature: Interested in funding action for wildlife, rivers, wilderness and the places that support the interdependent life that sustains our planet.
  17. Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation: Foundation focuses on education and on the lives of children and the culture of schools, particularly public schools in New Jersey.
  18. Graffiti Hurts: Interested in helping communities start or add-on to a local graffiti prevention program, including one-time projects that have the potential to help reduce graffiti vandalism in the community.
  19. Graham Foundation: Interested in fostering the development and exchange of ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture and society.
  20. The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey: Interested in the healthcare and wellness of vulnerable members of the greater Newark New Jersey area, as well as bringing healthcare to vulnerable Jewish residents in the MetroWest community of New Jersey.
  21. Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey
  22. Jack Kent Cooke Foundation: Offers innovative grant programs for organizations serving high-achieving students with financial need.
  23. Megan Nicole Kanka Foundation: "Check 'Em Out" program; helps non-profit sports organizations in New Jersey pay for state and federal fingerprint checks on their coaches and managers.
  24. National Forest Foundation
  25. Needmor Fund: Creating social change.
  26. New York - New Jersey Estuary Program: Interested in the development and implementation of plans to protect, conserve and restore the estuary.
  27. Pathways Within, Inc.: Bi-annual book grant
  28. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  29. The Twenty-First Century Foundation: National and local programs that support black America.
  30. Victoria Foundation: Committed to strengthening community within Newark and protecting the environment throughout the State of New Jersey.
  31. Wild Ones: Seeds for Education.
  32. Youth Service America: Dedicated to supporting and motivating youth, teachers, service-learning coordinators and youth-serving organizations in planning and implementing projects for Global Youth Service Day and on-going service throughout the year.

International Organizations

  1. Sister Cities International

NJ Municipalities Magazine NJ Women Vote Column

  1. NJ Women Vote column on Suffrage Tugboat

State Resources

  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Commerce - Financing & Incentives
  3. Department of Community Affairs
  4. Department of Community Affairs - SAGE
  5. New Jersey Historic Trust
  6. Division of Community Resources - Home Energy Assistance Program
  7. Department of Education
  8. Department of Education - Office of Grants Management
  9. Department of Environmental Protection
  10. Department of Environmental Protection - Funding, Grants & Scholarships
  11. Department of Environmental Protection - Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund - Child Care Facility
  12. Department of Environmental Protection - Green Acres Program
  13. Department of Environmental Protection - Stormwater & Nonpoint Source Pollution
  14. Department of Environmental Protection - Fire Safety Grants
  15. Department of Health & Senior Services
  16. Department of Human Services
  17. Department of Labor & Workforce Development - Training Grants
  18. Department of Law and Public Safety
  19. Department of Law and Public Safety - Body Armor Replacement Program
  20. Department of Law and Public Safety - Division of Highway Traffic Safety
  21. Department of Law and Public Safety - Office of Victim - Witness Advocacy
  22. Department of Law and Public Safety - NJ Office of Emergency Management
  23. U.S. Department of Justice - State Administering Agencies
  24. Department of Transportation
  25. Department of the Treasury
  26. NJ Board of Public Utilities
  27. NJ Board of Public Utilities - New Jersey Clean Energy Program
  28. NJ Board of Public Utilities - Commercial, Industrial, Local Gov & Multifamily Programs
  29. NJ Board of Public Utilities - EDA Programs
  30. NJ Board of Public Utilities - Local Government Energy Audit
  31. New Jersey Economic Development Authority
  32. New Jersey State Library
  33. NJ Office of Emergency Telecommunications Management