Sample Press Release


Contact: _______ (name)
_______ (phone)
_______ (email)

April __________

The Municipality, __________, will be joining cities throughout the state in celebrating NJ Local Government Week April _________.

Because local government is the government closest to most citizens, and the one with the most direct daily impact upon its residents, it is important that residents understand how their local government operates, the services it provides, and the importance of their active involvement.  

“NJ Local Government Week is an opportunity to help our residents become more informed about the many services we provide, which will lead to more knowledgeable citizen participation in the future,” said Mayor/City Manager _______. “We are excited about this year’s activities and hope to engage [include who the program is for: students, all residents, senior citizens] in our upcoming events.”

Events planned for the week are (list activities, date, time and locations).

NJ Local Government Week, sponsored by the NJ League of Municipalities, is a week-long celebration that raises awareness about the importance of municipal government and its daily impact on residents.  

[It would be good to get a quote from school officials or other groups that you involved in the project.]

Note: Include specific information about your city, keeping information to the point and brief. Press releases are more effective when limited to one or two pages. You may want to follow up with phone calls to your local media representatives to personally invite them to your city’s events. If the public is invited to an event, say so, and provide relevant details.

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