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Jan 21

Biden Announces New COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

Posted on January 21, 2021 at 10:41 AM by Legislative Staff

On January 15 then President-elect Joe Biden announced a plan to accelerate COVID-19 vaccinations. The topline takeaways include:

Get More People Vaccinated
Encourage states to allow more people to be vaccinated including individuals 65 and older as well as frontline workers. Ensure equity throughout the vaccination process to reach those in hard-to-reach and marginalized communities.

Create More Vaccination Sites
Stand up new, federally supported community vaccination centers across the country, fully reimburse state deployment of the National Guard to support vaccinations, and provide additional FEMA assistance. Launch mobile vaccination clinics and provider partnerships that reach underserved urban and rural communities. Make vaccines available in pharmacies and launch a new partnership with Federally Qualified Health Centers nationwide. Launch new models to serve high-risk individuals congregated in group setting.

Increase Supply and Get It Out the Door as Quickly as Possible
Ensure a robust vaccine supply and spur manufacturing. The federal government will be a reliable partner for states by providing actionable data on vaccine allocation timelines and delivery. Increase vaccine availability while maintaining a commitment to the two-dose schedule.

Mobilize More Personnel to Get Shots in Arms
Urge the public health workforce to support the vaccination effort. Mobilize a public health jobs program to support COVID-19 response. Expand the number of qualified professionals able to administer the vaccine by permitting certain qualified medical professionals, including retired medical professionals who are not licensed under state law, to administer vaccines with appropriate training.

Ensure the American People Have the Information and Confidence They Need to Get Vaccinated
The administration will launch a federally led, locally focused public education campaign, utilizing trusted voices to share information with the American people and address vaccine hesitancy.

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