Annual Report

Annual Report of the Executive Director - 2019 Michael J. Darcy, CAE

This annual report often focuses on the external challenges municipalities have been struggling to address in the prior year. Many of those challenges are all too familiar and slow to change year-over-year. Federal funding never lives up to New Jersey’s needs. Meaningful tools to help create affordable housing are not addressed. Diversion of municipal revenue for other State priorities continues. Pressures on municipal budgets are many, and it seems local officials are left to find solutions.

Throughout this year, the League advocated for municipalities throughout New Jersey and made sure the municipal perspective was clearly understood in public policy debate. The League’s strength is found in its active vocal leadership, strong administration and ongoing commitment to providing updated resources to you, its members.

Michael (Mike) Darcy

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Membership & Finance

The League is completing its 104th year of service to the municipalities of New Jersey. Our membership currently includes 564 municipalities in the State of New Jersey.

The League’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. The budget under which the League is currently operating is set forth in these documents.